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by rajni chaudhry - Tuesday, 2 February 2016, 09:58 PM

Nclex4u international is dedicated to bring foreign nurses to USA and Canada. This company prepare foreign nurse for License exam for RN or PN. Course has been developed by keeping in mind the difficulty faced by foreign nurses. It fills the gap between foreign nursing and nursing in native country. It is composed of live classes, online classes and videos and power points. Content has been delivered in easy way so that it is understood by nurses from different countries as well as nurses who have done nursing from USA or Canada. Following are the courses offered by us

 Nclex RN course Live

100 to 120 hours course available on Saturday as live course. Total course is approximately three months. You can attend live classes from anywhere in USA or outside. Study material is given. Online access is also given to practice questions.

Diagnostic tests will be given every other day, starting two months before candidate’s exam date. Diagnostic tests can be started during course if needed.

Total cost for the course is 1000 dollars. Course can be repeated free for one year.25 percent of this money will be returned back to candidate if he or she passes exam within sixth month of joining course. 

Online Course RN

Total course is 6 weeks.  Material will be given along with online access. Access will be given for 6 months. Diagnostic tests will be given every other day when candidate is ready. Total course is 350 dollars.

Skill course

This course is at the facility. total course is five days, eight hours per day. Quiz will be given every day at the end of the  day. Total cost 300 dollars. This course done four times in a year . please contact for dates. 

Diagnostic Course 

Student will be given diagnostic test for 10 weeks, every other day and will get review after  exam within 24 hours. These exams will help candidate to assess their weaker area and to improve those areas. Total cost for this course is 300 dollars.


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