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courses available
by rajni chaudhry - Friday, 13 February 2015, 12:35 PM

Nclex4u international is dedicated to bring foreign nurses to USA and Canada. This company prepare foreign nurse for License exam for RN or PN. Course has been developed by keeping in mind the difficulty faced by foreign nurses. It fills the gap between foreign nursing and nursing in native country. It is composed of live classes, online classes and videos and power points. Content has been delivered in easy way so that it is understood by nurses from different countries as well as nurses who have done nursing from USA or Canada. Following are the courses offered by us

1. The live course is done every Saturday from 0800am to 1pm. The home work is given during week which is done online. This course is app 80 hours which take app three months. You can join course any time. Students can join live class from anywhere through internet. Study material will be given or send to you by mail.

2. There is online course which is six weeks course. It is self-paced course means if you want you can do faster or slower (can take more time) Access is given for one year. The study material will be send to you by mail. These students are also eligible to attend live workshops through internet

3. Fast track course is for two days, once in a month on any Sunday and Monday. These students also get access to online exams as well as to workshops.

Workshop – These are two and half hour of workshop done on Monday or Friday once a month for special topics for example EKG, infection, safety, Nursing math

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